Saturday, 18 June 2016

Fly baby girl


From even before I held her in my arms over 23yrs ago she owned my heart. 
My first born. My girl.
Beth was an enfant terrible to be fair.....she was a screaming, demanding, feisty ball of determination from the get go. Fierce as hell and smart. A head full of curls and a temper too. Some kids need to be dragged along and some know where they are going and she was definitely in the 2nd camp.

Tomorrow she starts a new adventure. 
Her boarding pass is downloaded and her suitcase is packed. She is off to Upstate New York to work at Camp Long Lake for the summer. 4 long months away from home.

I feel as nervous as I did when she left for her first Brownie Camp or PGL but I am also so excited for her. She has my love of travel and adventure and I know she is going to have the most AMAZING time and will learn so much and make friends for life. 
It feels like the beginning of something new and wonderful for her.

Beth and I are very close, closer than a lot of mothers and daughters. 
We've been through a lot as a family and circumstances have meant the last few years we have shared a room together. 
We laugh all the time, but I also push and nag and support her in everything that she does to make her the very best that she can be.  
She has little common sense at times but she is hardworking like you wouldn't believe and loyal and kind and true. 
Since the age of 7yrs she has known what she wanted to do career wise and last year she graduated from Wimbledon with a BA Hons in Costume Interpretation. This next step is a continuation of her dream and I hope it brings nothing but good things for her future.

I am as proud as proud can be of my little girl ( I can still call her my little girl, she is only 4ft11" ) and I am going to miss her terribly but I hope she throws herself in wholeheartedly, feet first and gets involved. Work hard, play hard, that's my mantra. 
It is going to be a life changing adventure that she will remember forever.
When her Uni friend first mentioned it to her she had just split up with her boyfriend and I said just do it! You will never ever have this opportunity again. Life will take over and you will get tied down so just do it! 
It wont disappoint. 
I so admire her bravery and her belief in herself. Little girl, the world is yours for the taking.

Things I will not miss:
Her messiness
Her weird food habits (Mrs Cropley) 
Her snoring

Things I will miss:
Her laugh
Her daft Bethisms
Her hilarious tv commentary

I will have free reign of my double bed, I'm looking forward to early nights and reading in bed again and free reign of her wardrobe. I borrow her clothes all the time so this won't be news to her anyway.
But still......September seems such a long time away.

I selfishly thank God for technology, FaceTime, messenger and Skype will be a lifeline.
I hope that the next few months fly for me and that she is home again soon. 
For her I pray she keeps safe and that she is happy. 
That's about all any mother wants for their child isn't it?