Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year 2016

I just opened my Memory Jar. The idea being that you write down the lovely things that happen throughout the year and then open it up on New Years Eve.
My......haven't I been a busy girl!

Where to start. Been a good year for sport. Saracens V Harlequins, Saracens V Osprey, 2 Rugby World Cup games, Italy V France and Ireland V Romania and The Hurlingham club for Polo. Went to my first Cricket match at Lords and my first Grand Prix Quali at Silverstone. 

Met up with some good friends Geoff, Claire, Russ and Michelle in Birmingham for Scootstock which was a hoot. Met up with Claire, Karen and Michael at Silverstone and Claire again at Christmas for The Ice bar and Winter Wonderland. Had the worlds worst pub crawl round Harrow on the Hill only making it to 2 pubs with the Leahy's. Shared lots of very funny Facebook moments with my #CrazyGang and pub quiz fun with Mum, Anne and the Gilfrins.
I joined a Salsa class which I love and has brought me new friends. 
I also lost a few along the way, my beautiful friend Danni, Satinders Dad and my Grandad Alec.

Had a Eurovision/ MacMillan party, a lovely day at Kew for Mother's Day with Mum and Betty Boo. 
Lots of silly, giggly family lunches at Mums. Beth's Graduation at The Royal Festival Hall. 

I discovered a beautiful Greek Island which feels like home and I will return next year.

Lots of lovely food and drinks in lots of lovely restaurants with lots of lovely people. Texture, 28-50, Poppies, The Lockhart, Hutong at The Shard, Elgin, Hixter, The Jones Family Project and Iberico and Chutney Mary to name a few.

Went to Columbia Road flower market and a church service at St Pauls. Rich Hall with Jo, Glen and Luke and Coppelia with Diane and the cinema a few times with various friends, a picnic in Hyde Park.
I went to the Tate and V&A, The Jam exhibition at Somerset house, World Photography awards. Duran Duran at the 02.
Jo and I were Stewards for the 1st time at London Pride and Katie and I went to the Notting Hill Carnival for the first time. I spent many happy hours with Kerry and my God Daughters and got kissed for the first time in a long time! Yep I was as surprised by that one as you are....close your mouths lol

Oh, and I started a blog!!!!

2015 you've been a blast. I shall be stood opposite the London Eye tonight with friends watching the fireworks take us out of the year with a bang.
Thank you to all my wonderful, caring, nutty family and friends. I love you all and you have made this year very special. I am truly blessed to have you all in my life.

I hope 2016 brings much of the same and more. 

Happy New Year. Xxx

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Reliving our youth - Duran Duran @ O2

They say you should never go back but we did and it was a blast !
I loved Duran Duran back in their heyday but they kind of dropped off my radar a bit and out of the spotlight for a good few years. As comebacks go this is one I'm willing to step behind.
They kicked the set off with Paper Gods the title track from their new Album and then threw themselves straight into Wild Boys and Hungry like the wolf which got everyone to their feet where they remained for the majority of the next 2 hours.
They balanced a good mix of new tracks, Last night in the city, What are the chances (which I loved) Pressure off and Dancephobia with Lindsay Lohan unexpected but true with 90s hits such as A view to a kill, Planet Earth and Ordinary World finishing up back at the start with Girls on Film.
One of the highlights for me early on in the show was a cover of White Lines - don't do it which was just brilliant.

Simon Le Bon remains in my opinion the only man who can and should squeeze himself into a pair of white jeans not that it stopped a few others trying to emulate their idol. There were a few men of a certain age in the whites with flock of seagulls hairdos and leather jackets not quite pulling it off.
While Jo and Mandy went out to the bar and left me with more room to dance to Planet Earth a fight broke out in the bar between two men old enough to know better and was broken up by the girl behind the bar. Apparently it was a real Bridget Jones fight scene, ear pulling and sitting on top of each other, kicks and punches that didn't quite connect.

The encore was everything we could have hoped for and then some with a very emotional version of Save a Prayer. Before they began they told us about a recent collaboration of the song they did with The Eagles of Death Metal who have done their own version which they performed together on TFI just a week before the Paris attack at the Bataclan, attacks that as we know left 130 people dead.
In an act he described them wanting to do something useful, peaceful and uniting all profits from the EODM and Duran Duran versions will be put into a Memorial Fund and there is a campaign to try to get it to no 1, something I shall get behind by downloading the tracks. 
It was the lighters in the air moment, now replaced by electronic devices in the air but it was beautiful, poignant and touching none the less. 
The last track of the night and hugely anticipated by me was the song that made me a fan to begin with, the title track of the album I bought and played over and over as a teenager, the iconic and groundbreaking video on a yacht.......yes, you've got it Rio ...... proving that just sometimes it is ok to go back and be 12 yrs old again.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Friday 13th

I've never been overly superstitious. Friday the 13th is one of the few things that has never scared me but tonight's events shake me to the core....and they are still unfolding.
Paris is under who no one is saying. No conspiracy theories at all on any of the coverage I've seen so far on tv or online. 2 suicide attacks and  explosions at the Stade de France, shootings at a restaurant in the 11th arrendisement amongst others, 100 + hostages taken at the Bataclan in the 12rh. State of emergency across the country and borders being closed as I speak.
I spent a lot of time in Paris as a child, my Aunt lived in the 16th and close family friends in the 12th, I love Paris with all my heart, it is my home away from home, a piece of my heart will always live there so I am so saddened and sickened by these attacks. It's right up there with 9-11, The London bombings, Charlie Hebdo.
It's so utterly senseless, my heart and prayers go out to those involved, it Just brings it home yet again that you don't know what tomorrow will bring...or today even, be it terrorism, cancer or any sudden circumstances that can rock your world. 
 Be real. Tell those you love how you feel. Take a chance, even if you fail. 
There literally may not be a tomorrow.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

123- 567-

A long time ago, back in my 'yoof' my sister Jo and I were sent to Latin and Ballroom lessons above the British Legion in South Harrow from about 1980-1983 with Fred and Pauline which I loved. We learned basic Cha Cha, Rhumba and Waltz amongst others and took our exams up to Gold. Then we stopped going, I can't remember why. I would have been about 13yrs old.
My sister says of my reminiscing that the older I get, the better I was, but I did have an aptitude for it and I remember it fondly.
So this year in March, aged 45yrs I finally got the courage to get a few girlfriends together to try out a local Cuban Salsa class.
I was very nervous on our first lesson and my brain was in overload so I made a fair few mistakes. The class consists of an hour beginners, an hour intermediate/advanced and an hour of freestyle club dancing. I threw myself in at the deep end with my usual gusto and I fell in love.....quite literally ;)
It has been the absolute highlight of my year so far.

I long for Monday. The rest of the week is just marking time until I can dance again, unfortunately I can only afford to do one class a week.
It is so addictive and empowering to learn a new skill and the basics I learnt as a child held me in  good stead. I am a fast learner and I hope a fairly competent dancer.
Diane said last night how confident I looked on the dance floor and I took that as a huge compliment. She remarked how my confidence has grown and much of that is not down to the lessons but to the generosity of some of the male dance partners who have taken time to teach me.

When I dance I feel completely liberated, I forget everything, I am consumed with joy and all my troubles and stress melt away. We laugh so much every week, it's a great class and it's good for my soul.
There occasions where left and right bamboozle me and my balance fails me. 50% clutz and 50% cancer meds but luckily most of my partners know this and are quite adept at catching me and not letting me spin right off the dance floor.
Some nights are more eventful than others, last night during the advance lesson my partner managed to grab my boob instead of my shoulder during a turn which caused a lot of laughter and teasing.
He was so embarrassed but you just have to laugh it off. These things was my real one as well......he's the first man to get that close to my boobs apart from my plastic surgeon in 5 yrs!!!!
Then dancing with another partner throwing in a complicated move I wasn't expecting resulted to an elbow in the face, BAM right under my eye on my cheekbone. I barely missed a step but boy it hurt, I was convinced I'd have a shiner today but I was ok.
 There have been various clothing malfunctions men getting caught up in my sleeves etc and I often come home with a bruise or two. I've even been known to stand on my own feet and sometimes my poor knees hurt so much the next day but it is all worth it.
You have to get used to dancing with all sorts including some you'd rather not. Sometimes it is just hard to follow their lead, on rare occasions there has been inappropriate behaviour, yes we are talking salsa boners and they needed putting in their place, that person has now left thank goodness.
You have to get used to getting up close and personal which involves sweat and personal hygiene can sometimes be an issue but you have to take the rough with the smooth. I have my favourite partners
of course, I'm sure we all do, ones where it just flows naturally. Any one who knows little miss OCD will know what a challenge that can all be but it's totally worth it.
Thank God for antibacterial gel!
 The class dynamic is a bit like being at High School again. You have the clique, the second tier, the loners.
It sounds a bit princessy but I have never had any trouble making new friends despite more often than not feeling quite shy, insecure and out of my depth but I blag it well because I am sarcastic and gobby. I already have a new nickname 'trouble' but I am an introverted extrovert.
I have made lots of lovely friends, the kind that you just click with and know are here to stay and others that are harder work and you just have to accept that they smile to your face but their actions speak louder than their words.  At the end of the day that is their problem and I am learning not to take it on board. If you have to try that hard then it is not meant to be.

All in all I love my life and love to dance and I dance from my heart.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

And a Hey Nonny Nonny


I am a frequent visitor to Southbank, it's one of my favourite places in London but I have never visited the Globe Theatre until this week.
Beth had a placement there this summer as a wardrobe assistant during rehearsals for 'Much Ado about Nothing' ( or Much Ado about something as she called it as a child ) and they gave her 2 tickets as a thank you.
I had taken her a few years ago to see the David Tennant / Catherine Tate version which was a modern version set in the 80s and we enjoyed it but this was to be a whole different experience.

The original Globe was built in 1599 by Shakespeare's playing company and it was destroyed by fire in 1613. The theatre as it stands now was built 750ft from the original site in 1997 and is magnificent. Nestled between modern buildings and dwarfed by the Tate sitting on the bank of the mighty Thames opposite St Paul's Cathederal.
There are 3 tiers of seating or you can stand in the Yard. Originally those too poor to pay for seats could stand in the Yard for a penny giving them the nickname 'penny stinkers' or 'groundlings' inflation has raised the price to £5 now days but that's still pretty good value and to be honest now I've been there, hard as it is to stand for 2 hrs 40 mins after a day's work on my feet, it is in my opinion the best experience. 
The actors interact with the standing crowd in a way that just doesn't happen in any other theatre setting. They threw oranges at us and a tub of water down the steps. They could catch your eye, lean in and touch you and respond to heckling or a sneeze from the audience. It is very interactive and you feel part of a very unique experience.
Much ado being a comedy ( and one of my very favourites ) lends itself very well to this. It might be a more arduous task to stand for 3 hrs of Richard III or Macbeth!!
The cast was just 8 actors with them doubling up on parts. Men played women and women men.
Beatrice and Benedick were a delight, sparring with zest at each other and Christopher Harper gave an impressive performance. The best Benedick by far that I've seen. 
Alex Mugnaioni also gave a stellar performance as Dogberry a role that Michael Keaton in the Kenneth Branagh film proved can be very difficult to get right!
I would recommend everyone to visit and take in a performance if they can. For £5 there is no reason not to give it a go......only let me know because I'd like to come too!

Monday, 17 August 2015


I have never considered myself much of a beach holiday girl. I don't like sand and the sun doesn't like me. I'm not a strong swimmer and I find it hard to relax and do nothing but this year has been a revelation to me. I have surprised myself!

It has been 9 yrs since my last beach holiday. Luca would have been 10yrs and Beth 13yrs.
I always dreaded holidays when I was married they made me feel anxious. My ex was never good company and I would walk a tightrope waiting for him to drink too much and loose his temper a bit like at home but amplified x10. That or he'd just sod off and leave me for days/ nights with 2 small children and go off clubbing with the local barman! Our ideas for a holiday were vastly different and there was also the inevitable accident or illness and a trip to the local hospital to look forward to.
I never got to read a book as I was constantly doing the Meercat Mummy thing searching to keep my babies in my sight whilst reading the same lines over and over.

Now they are 19yrs and 22yrs and paid their own way and did their own thing and for the first time I was able to really relax and not worry about anything. It was totally chilled and lovely to spend time with them and the rest of my family who I love to bits.

We were in a big family group. Mum and her husband Eddie who have been calling this island home for 15 + years, my sister Jo and her husband Glen, Brian ( Eddies cousin) and his wife Seema and there 2 boys who have been coming out for 11yrs,  my cousin Carrie and her daughter, me and mine.

Agistri is beautiful. A tiny lush and green island in the Saronic Sea. It is an idyllic Isle.
The journey is a pain. 3 hr flight, 40 min taxi to the port and then an hour and a half on a Ferry which aren't very frequent so lots of hanging around but it is well worth the hassle. 
Despite relying on tourists for its economy it doesn't feel touristy. No English/ Irish sports bars with all day English breakfasts and football on a widescreen thank God! It is quite unspoilt although every restaurant did have good wifi so you could keep in touch with the outside world if you so chose. There is one nightclub out of the main hub if you want it but it's hardly Aiya Napa! 
Our hotel was right on the beach. It was family run and they were so accommodating, nothing was too much trouble and because we were there with people who knew the owners of our hotel and most of the others and restaurants we were welcomed in like family.

I swam in the beautiful Saronic sea multiple times a day, the bay is calm and blue and shallow enough for even me to feel confident. My sister described me as being like a cat around water and she's not wrong. I have been known to not even get in the pool on holiday!
I read my book - Tolstoys Anna Karenina. I like a challenge and love Russian classics. 
I had a Thai massage on the beach on my sunbed and just relaxed.
We ate in some lovely restaurants, we didn't have a bad meal anywhere although a few dishes got lost in translation. The salad with 'red beans' turned out not to be kidney beans as I thought but baked beans! Quite bizzare, my face was quite a picture.

We had late night drinks on the beach with the waves lapping the shore a foot away and late night drinks around the pool with Michail ( the owner of our hotel ) and Yanni ( a policeman from Athens ) discussing the Greek male opinion, philosophy and world politics till 3 am.

I don't know what took me so long to get to Agistri as Mum has been nagging us to come for years but it is one of those places that I know I will return to again. Perhaps not for 15 yrs straight as there are so many other places to see in the world but it really was quite magical. 
A week was too short. Mum and Eddie are out there for 7 weeks which sounds quite heavenly.
I left a piece of my heart there which I shall have to go back to find.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

London love affair

I do not long for peace and quiet. I rarely know what to do with myself when I find it. It's not for me.
I am a city girl through and through.
Don't get me wrong, I love the countryside and a pretty view as much as the next person but I get bored easily and need the distraction city life affords.
There is an feeling of inner calm when I am in the city, a strange peace that comes over me. It's hard to explain.
While friends slowly one by one move out in search for space and affordability I grow more and more in love with this magnificent city and if money would allow I'd move further in.
I love the hustle, the noise, the pace. I always feel like I'm on a grand adventure.
I love the randomness and diversity, the curious and the downright bizarre and a bit of history thrown
in. I always learn something new.
I get lost a lot as I have no sense of direction but that's often the best way to find new places. 
Hidden corners, new treasures. Such as Champagne and Fromage in Covent Garden which we stumbled across on the way home from Somerset house. It is a tiny little place which is owned by a French couple who import Champagne. It does exactly what it says. Champagne and cheese. What's not to love? 
We've been back for Champagne tastings and popped in this afternoon for a little treat to finish our day out.
Today was a girlie day with my sister to celebrate belatedly her birthday. 
So we headed off to The Tate Modern full of enthusiasm to see the Barbra Hepworth exhibition to find that it was on at The Tate Britain! We didn't let that deter us though, we laughed at ourselves and wandered around the Warhols and Hockneys instead. Exit through the gift shop of course!
We walked along the river to Southwark to The Shard where we had an amazing lunch at Hutong on the 33rd floor.
Asparagus in white sesame seeds. Half a duck served 2 ways and some lamb and fennel steamed dumplings washed down with a lovely bottle of Viognier. 
We had a window table and I swear you could see forever. What an amazing view.

We hopped on the Jubilee line to Westminster and walked along Embankment to Somerset house. One of my favourite spaces in London and home to the most beautiful staircase you ever did see.

My Grandad worked here in the tax office.
 We had a little nostalgia fest at The Jam : About an idea exhibition which was really good. I could have stayed all afternoon singing and watching Paul Weller but instead we walked down The Strand to Champagne and Fromage to have one for the road before flagging down a cab which dropped me at Holborn tube before taking Jo home.
I love the tube. Westward bound. 16 stops and home.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Recipe for life.

Things happening in my life at the moment have put me in a reflective mood.
One of my Mums was in floods this morning at the door (I'm afraid I had a tear or 2 as well) as she had woken to the news that her friend had died of cancer this morning just 3 weeks after diagnosis aged just 40 the same as I was diagnosed.
I have lost too many friends in the last few years to this disease that I am fighting and so far winning is war, which made me feel sad and scared and alive in equal measure.
Whilst I take time to remember the friends that are no longer with me I also choose to honour them the only way I know how.
By living. Really living.
I choose not to waste a minute of this time I have above ground.

There is a saying that it's the things that we don't do in life that we regret not the things we do, because even when we fail, or things go badly we learn from them and frankly it's plain daft to let the past dictate your future. This is not a dress rehearsal.

So what started off as a bucket list for my 40th has sort of turned into a life choice. To live with passion.
I will continue to laugh (and cry) to not deny my emotions but to write my feelings down honestly which helps me make better sense of them as I can get a bit overwhelmed.
I want to see and create beauty, to inspire and be inspired, to make time to breathe and grow and dance and fall in love.
To be a yes man. To grab opportunities for adventure with both hands.
To learn new things, and allow myself to make mistakes, pick myself up and carry on.
I notice the small things because usually they are the big things.
I will tell my friends and family how much I love them and value their support and more importantly show them.
I will make time for my children and my God children and create wonderful memories with them.
I will continue to pay it forward and do random acts of kindness because it makes the world a better place to live in.
I will push myself to do things that scare me because to not do all these things would be a dis service to myself and those I've lost.

And if your lucky......I will take you on my journey with me!
Who's coming?............

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Happy Birthday Joanna x

There is just 18 months between my sister and I, me being the elder.
We went through years of hating each other as teenagers but now we are the very best of friends. 
We are intrinsically the same but very different people. 
We have the same history yet have travelled very different paths.
She is my rock, my voice of reason, my confidant, my liberation and so much more that I can not put in to words. 
I never laugh so hard as when I have her by my side. She is one of the constants in my life.

I know that she feels the burden of my selfish reliance and childish naivety sometimes and for that I feel guilty.
She is the strongest and most generous person that I know, absolutely unwavering with her kindness to myself and my children for which I am eternally grateful. 
Jo has seen me through our Fathers passing and my Breast Cancer and her support is unending.
She has quietly and patiently watched me suffer 25yrs years of abuse and sadness in an unhappy marriage waiting for me to find the strength to leave and then offered me a lifeline helping me to buy my home which is a debt I can never hope to repay. 
She helps me to be strong and to grow as a person and will always call me out when I'm being an idiot.

She is my older and wiser baby sister, the ying to my yang, the gin to my tonic, the Ant to my Dec and I love her more than words can say.
We go together like Birds of a Feather.

Happy Birthday baby sis
I love you xx

Saturday, 30 May 2015

3 Amigos eat again


I love living in London, not least for the opportunities it gives to eat out in amazing places.
My sister Jo lives in central London in beautiful Primrose Hill and I am out in the burbs near the end of the Central line so I can hop in and out in 25 mins.
We are big foodies. 
As part of Jo's job she is always booking her boys and clients in for dinner. She knows what is hot, what is not, how long the reservation lists are and how to get a table at some of the best places in town. 
She treats Glen and I to a birthday experience meal every year and we have eaten in some truly amazing places and I've tried things I never would have dreamed of.
Places such as Maze (1* Gordon Ramsey/ Jason Atherton) 
Bar Boulud (Daniel Boulud) 
Marcus Wareing at The Berkley 2*
Le Gavroche ( 2* Michel Roux Jnr) 
The Pollen Street Social ( Jason Atherton) 
Texture ( 1* Aggi Sverrisson) 
The Ivy and La Petite maison to name a few.

But it isn't all about Michelin Stars, good food is good food whether it's the best Tapas in London @ Barrafina in Soho, food festivals like Taste in Hyde Park or standing in Borough Market with a dish Of new potatoes covered in Raclette and gherkins!
My horizons and tastebuds are constantly being expanded usually for the better but there have been a few misses such as the Oyster I tried and the snail. Trust me if Michel Roux Jnr can't make it palletable then no one can!
So imagine Jo's and I delight when a few weeks ago dropping leaflets as volunteers for London Pride March we stumbled across a fabulous restaurant that we never heard of before. Off the beaten track in Marylebone without much passing trade. We popped in for a nose and we're looking at the menu when a young chap came out from the kitchen and had a chat with us and explained the concept behind the restaurant.

Carousel invite Chefs from all around the world to come and share their food so they have a plethora of guest Chefs doing short residencies. Little did we know at the time but we were talking to Ollie Templeton who is one of the 4 founding members, all cousins and he was the next Chef in situ begining his residency the next day for 4 weeks.
Jo duly went home and did some research and booked us a table for 3 for lunch today on the last day of his residency.

The lunch menu is very reasonably priced at 2 courses £16.50 / 3 courses £21.50 
Ollie's culinary influences are from Spain where he grew up in the Andalucia region.

The starter was grilled Lamb Heart ( another 1st ), Raf Tomato, Manchego and wild thyme. The tomatoes were out of this world.
The main course was a Swaledale Pork chop, Aubergine Pilaf, with Churasco (a vibrant parsley sauce) Aubergine Pilaf was deliciously smokey and the pork sweet and succulent.
Pudding was Rice Pudding, Rhubarb Jam and Pistachio. Jo wasn't expecting it to be cold, it also had an ice cream on the top. Delicious! 

Each Chef designs their own cocktail which we started off with. 
Che Goose! vodka, Pineapple juice, Whey, Sugar cane with a chilli salt crust. Sort of like a Spanish Margherita and we had a lovely bottle of Verdichio with the meal. The staff were polite and chatty and we shall certainly be going back. 
The food spoke for itself and the menu was still being printed when we arrived. You can't get fresher than that!
It is a fabulous space, not at all pretentious. Light, airy and sparse. 2 long wooden communal dining tables. There is also a big basement and upstairs that can be hired out. They were setting up for a wedding party while we were there.
All in all a lovely way to spend a Saturday with 2 of my favourite people.

Carousel 71 Blandford Street, Marylebone, Lon W1U 8AB

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Coach trip - 50 Shades of Grey

So, the phone rings and my Mum asks "random I know but do you want to come on a coach trip?"

There is something about going on a coach trip that makes me feel like a child again. Memories of School trips and long car journeys. Singing silly songs and playing 'yellow car' which remains to this day and to my children's amusement the only game I get really competitive about.
So sweets and drinks for the journey packed and we arrive in Greenford at 8.15 to pick up the coach.
My sister Jo is so ridiculously excited that she arrived at Marylebone for her train over half an hour early....the shops weren't even open!

The trip has been organised by North Greenford Residents Association and is to the Vale of Evesham -  For an Asparagus experience! Not somewhere I had ever thought I'd be going and if you gave me a map and a couple of days I probably still couldn't tell you where it is other than in the Cotswolds where we went to the beautiful Barnsley House Spa a few years ago.
But hey, a day out with my Mum and Sister is never to be missed and I know in advance that I am in for a day of much giggling which is always good for the soul.
I had it all planned to make a break for the back seat of the bus to take up my old School day residency as Queen Bee, the best place to hold court with my friends, pull faces and blow kisses to the drivers behind and make general mischief. Unfortunately we had been allocated seats already so I had to remind myself that I am actually 45yrs not 14yrs! As it is it is 50 Shades of Grey and I may as well have been 14yrs old as Jo and I were the youngest on the coach by far.

The itinerary is to drive to the country park to meet our guide for the day and then on to the Fleece Inn which was built in 1400, became a public House in 1848 and stayed in the Byrd family until 1977 when it was left to the National Trust. We were given a talk by the owner about its colourful history, complete with ghost stories and the like. The fireplace has 3 white witch circles to stop evil spirits from entering but the pub is haunted by the last owner who likes to move things about.

Then on to the market town of Evesham for lunch where we got something from a lovely bakery and went and found a beautiful little sun trap down by the river Avon. We walked back to the coach eating a punnet of the sweetest English strawberries. Heaven in a punnet. Simple pleasures are sometimes the best.
We then enjoyed a short tour of the Vale villages before arriving at Revels Asparagus Farm where we stood in a field and had a short talk from the Farmer and bought goodies, green and purple asparagus amongst other things to take home. There was supposed to be a cookery demonstration but it had been canceled much to our disappointment. We then stopped off at Evesham Country Park and Garden Centre again to drop the guide back before setting home.

The people sat behind us were a constant source of entertainment and had obviously been hit hard with a stupid stick. They got louder and stupider as the day rolled on mainly because for them it was one long pub crawl. Some of the stuff they were coming out with was comedy gold but I suspect you would have to have been there. Jo and I only had to look at each other to be in fits, tears rolling.
The weather was glorious all day and with the sun streaming through the window we both had a 45 min snooze. 

The best part of the trip though was just spending time with my sister on the coach. We chatted and laughed and sometimes sat quiet. It is lovely to be with someone who you are such a part of that the silences are as comfortable as the laughter. She is my best friend.
She is very naughty though when she points to the man next to me and says  "look at his hairy ears!" which made me snort! 
She reminded me of the time we were on a coach up to Durham as teens visiting family and for some reason weren't sitting next to each other. She decided to launch a ham roll up the bus for me to catch....there was a problem right there as I am inherently clumsy but she threw it like a girl anyway and hit someone on the back of the head with it. We have coach trip form!
The best thing is tomorrow I get to do it all over again but by train not coach when I go to her house in Primrose Hill for the High St fair with friends and family. I am blessed.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

New adventures

Hello and welcome to my new adventure.
It was suggested that I write a blog of the weird and wonderful things that I get up to and as an outlet for some of my bubbling creativity.
So watch this space! My spelling is atrocious and I think faster than I can type so apologies in advance. I hope it will make you smile, think and laugh.