Sunday, 6 March 2016


Mothering Sunday was originally observed by the Catholic and Protestant Christians in the 16th century and it falls on the 4th Sunday of Lent when people returned to their Mothering Church which was either the church they were baptised in or the local parish church or cathederal. Anyone who did this was said to have gone "a Mothering"
In later years it became a day when domestic staff were given the day off to visit their mother church usually with their own mothers and family. Children who were in service were also given the day off  and would pick wild flowers along the way to present at the church or give to their mothers which in turn became the secular tradition of giving a gift to honour Mothers on Mother's Day.

I am a Mother, a daughter and a God Mother and honorary Auntie.
It's the best job and the toughest gig in the world rolled in to one.
My love for my children is un ending, irreversible and un conditional.
I don't always get it right, kids don't come with a rule book and I've pretty much winged it a lot of the time. There have been tears and tantrums (theirs and mine) but mostly lots of love and laughter. 
Everything I've done and do is from the heart and has been since their heartbeat was contained within my own body.
To carry a child within your womb is a magical thing but by no means the be all of Mothering.

I have friends who have adopted and fostered children and the love they share is no different. 
Being a Mother is about care and love and nurture. It's not about being your child's friend ( although if you get it right it can happen) it's about showing up, making the tough decisions, putting them foremost at all times. It's about guiding this precious little bundle so full of promise to achieve their full potential and releasing them into the world to repeat the pattern.
I come from a strong line of matriarchs. My Grandmothers and my Mother have taught me how to love and be loved. They have shared their knowledge, strength and love and I am blessed.

So Mothers I salute you all.

My girlfriends who are all doing an amazing job, (Kerry, Satinder, Diane, Loretta, Mandy, Lisa, Claire, Caroline, Claire) raising beautiful children, sometimes on their own with little support (Bev, Linds, Em) some with children who have challenging needs  (Rabiyah, Sally, Claire, Angie, Gillian) those that are bringing up other people's children (Marion, Katie) those Mums struggling with illness and difficult times at the moment, (Jo, Claire)  those that have babies in heaven or still to become great Mums ( Rachael, Megan, Natalie) those who are pregnant and just beginning their journey, (Jenni)  my cousin Carrie who has just brought a new baby into our family, the Aunties (Jo ) and teachers (Minal, Anna) out there, you are all applauded.

It takes a whole village to raise a child
Nigerian Proverb